Visually Impaired Students

Globally, over 253 million people are suffering from vision impairment. In India, approximately 62 million people are visually impaired; of these, 54 million people have low vision and 8 million people are completely blind. Alarmingly, the prevalence of blindness in children under 16 years of age is approximately 0.8/1000, and at least 200,000 to 300,000 children have severe visual impairment or blindness in India. 

Visual impairment or blindness adversely impacts the student’s learning and overall growth. Partial or complete vision loss results in a low motivation to explore the surrounding, initiate social interaction, and such students remain slower in learning and remaining social with others. Even if they are scholars or hard-working, they find it difficult to cope with their studies. 

Thankfully, advancing technology lends a helping hand. Emerging technologies including IoT, AR, AI, and assistive technology evolve to make the lives of visually-impaired students better and independent. Advancements in technology can help them to pursue their dreams while eliminating all the hurdles created by blindness. Scholar students can make a bright career using AR and assistive technology-based devices and live a dignified life. 

At E-Netra Foundation, we are ready to support scholar blind students in multiple ways. Be it ensuring the availability of study material or providing them digital devices based on IoT and assistive technology, we always strive to achieve all the objectives. We partner with various organizations that work for blind people’s welfare and government organizations for blind people to make our mission of removing hurdles that arise due to complete or partial blindness from the life of scholarly students.  

We ask our generous contributors to support our dedicated team in their noble cause of supporting scholarly blind students. Your small donation can help us a lot to reach a goal. It will go toward the welfare of blind or visually impaired students and help them live an improved and independent life.