Visually Disabled With Skills
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Over 1 billion people have a vision impairment across the world. Many of them are gifted with skills or natural talent. Some of them are good in sports while others are good in painting or handicraft. Some people with visual impairment can be skilled coders as well. However, blindness becomes the biggest hurdle in their way and most such people may not pursue their dreams or build a career using their skills. 

At eNetra Foundation, we believe that blind or visually impaired people can live independent life simply by following their passion with the right kind of direction. Our team of volunteers put all efforts to give equal opportunities to talented blind people after arranging a proper training program. We also provide special devices based on IoT and assistive technology. Our commitment remains toward the upliftment of skilled people with blindness. 

Though we work enthusiastically round the clock, at one level, our resources fall short as we strive to reach a lot of people who are blind yet blessed with some kind of talent. We are certain that your generous contribution will strengthen our efforts and expand our reach across the nations eventually. It’s time to give equal rights and dignified life to artisans with partial or complete blindness. Let’s act together for their welfare.