Welcome to eNetra

Nothing is more precious for visually-challenged people them something that assists them to recognize people, things, and colors around them. eNetra, an advanced eyewear app is designed to illuminate the lives of blind people and assist them to gain social standing and respect while living a normal life. eNetra is not just another mobile app for blind users, it is the realization of our vision to enhance the quality of lives of visually-impaired people with the combination of AI and other advancements of assistive technology.

eNetra app is a health tech app designed to utilize the features of the IoT-based product made exclusively for blind or visually impaired users.

Lifestyle Problems

Lifestyle Problems that eNetra Aims to Solve

  • Social/Navigational Challenges
  • Higher Dependency on volunteers
  • Inaccessible Healthcare Services
  • Minimal Access to Information
  • Inaccessible Emergency Services
  • Difficulties in Conducting Daily Chores
  • Inability to Gauge Distance, Depth of Field & Orientation