Degenerative Eye Diseases

Shockingly, India is home to more than 20 percent of the world’s blind population. Be it childhood blindness due to neurological trouble or trauma, or a visual impairment at a late age due to degenerative eye disease, people’s lives have been changed forever. It is more tragic as such people have seen the world, but some ophthalmic conditions or trauma have taken their eyesight gradually. 

The loss of eyesight is a much more traumatic experience for people as they eventually become more dependent on their relatives, and blindness restricts them to enjoy their life as they did before. As a result, they start withdrawing from society and prefer to live a solitary life of anonymity. 

At eNetra Foundation, we understand the pain of people with degenerative eye diseases and vigorously attempt to help them get rid of these diseases or at least reducing their impact. We also provide them with advanced solutions consist of assistive technology and other technologies to make their lives wholesome again. 

While striving for giving people with degenerative eye diseases a dignified and wholesome life, we need a generous contribution from all our esteemed donors and well-wishers to achieve this herculean goal. We want to reach as many visually-impaired people as possible with a promise to make them more independent and happy with your kind support. We are sure that you will never let us down in any way!