NGOs can Help the Blind and Visually Impaired People

Let’s face it! India is home to almost 20% of the world’s visually impaired population. Over 40 million people are either blind or visually impaired in India. But, blindness or visual impairment should not come in the way of personal growth or independent life. 

As Karl Pilkington has mentioned, “Blind people can stay up longer than someone with eyes.” Many examples support this statement- Hari Raghavan is a business development executive at Dell, Charudatta Jadhav is an International Chess Master and an IT professional with TCS, Dilip Loyolka is a practicing Chartered Account, and L. Subramani is a renowned journalist. Many other blind people have achieved success in different fields through their own willpower, determination, and gentle support from NGOs and the government.    

Living the life of a blind or visually impaired person comes with multiple difficulties. Though technology advances to enable doctors to operate on blind people to give them their set of eyes, or giving an advanced, feature-rich gadget to help them live a normal life, all these options are highly costly and only a fraction of blind individuals can afford them. There, several nonprofits or non-government organizations can lend a helping hand. 

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NGOs not only strive for giving access to the latest medical technologies but also organizing various activities to make blind people more independent and assist them to live a wholesome life. Some NGOs are committed to providing advanced gadgets like electronic or smart eye to blind or visually impaired people at negligible or affordable rates. Whether a skilled artisan or a scholar student, all blind people need slight support to make them realize that there are still numerous things they can do. 

Four Effective Ways NGOs can Help Blind and Visually Impaired People

Here are some of the activities of NGOs for blind and visual impaired people that can improve their lifestyle significantly-

Knowledge Sharing

This activity can have the objective of inspiring and empowering blind people with real-time information. Knowledge sharing can assist blind persons in multiple ways from navigating through roads to getting assistance in an emergency. It can make people more efficient and independent. 


24/7 Helpdesk can be a blessing for blind people. They can take any sort of help using the helpdesk anytime. It is also possible to make a robust network of helpdesks across the country with a single toll-free number. It can gather information and give respond to queries instantly. This can be a powerful source to resolve issues related to discrimination, rights, and education. 

Access to Gadgets

An advanced electronic or digital eye with all the features useful for blind or visually impaired people can change the way they live life. These gadgets are designed for addressing various challenges of blind people like social or navigational challenges, higher dependency on other people, minimal access to information, and inaccessibility of emergency services. NGOs can make such devices available to needy people through the generous support of donors.  

Medical Help

With a vast network of volunteers and the support of specialists, NGOs can ensure that blind people can get medical assistance during emergency situations. This is one of the most important activities for improving the lifestyle of blind people and making them independent. 

Concluding Lines

eNetra Foundation works dedicatedly to improving the lifestyle of blind and visually impaired people. Our volunteers tirelessly work for ensuring such people can live independently. We assist visually impaired students, skilled craftsmen, and patients with degenerative eye diseases to live a wholesome life. We need your support to strengthen our efforts in combining technological advancement and human effort to achieve our mission. 

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