Blind or visually impaired people need assistance to cope with social, navigational, and other challenges. But, it does not mean that they are completely dependent on people who can see. In fact, it is better to ask them whether they need our help. The Approach, Ask, and Assist concept remains useful for helping blind and visually impaired people. Let’s go through this three ‘A’ approach. 

Three ‘A’ Approach to Assist People

Approach- Greet and identify yourself before offering your assistance to someone you suspect may need help

Ask- A polite yet confident “Would you like some help?” question can motivate the person to think about whether to take your help. 

Assist- If you get ‘Yes’ in reply, you can assist as required. It is better to remember that all blind or visually impaired people do not want assistance. 

As a reputed NGO for visually impaired people, we have helped many blind people through our various activities. Based on our experiences while assisting them, we are giving some important tips for assisting such people. 

Top Tips for Assisting Blind or Visually-Impaired People

  • Address blind or visually impaired people by their names so that they can know you want to talk to them
  • Give a sign or speech indication to such people so that they can know you are near them or in their room
  • Never walk away from such people without letting them know- this is embarrassing and frustrating for them
  • If you find any blind person in a dangerous situation, say “STOP” rather than “Hey, look ahead.”
  • Never relocate objects or furniture in the room without informing blind people. Also, consider their left and right while directing them. 

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  • Use ordinary language while talking to them and remain specific for describing things
  • “Look” and “See” are common words, don’t hesitate to use them in front of blind or visually impaired people. But, don’t let them feel awkward while talking to you
  • Describe all the surroundings, objects, and obstacles carefully when such people are walking. You can warn them if side mirrors of cars or trees are coming in their way
  • Never leave any doors ajar, you can close or open them completely
  • The biggest disadvantage in the life of blind people is they can not see what is going on, and therefore, it is better to describe everything precisely
  • If people with low vision extend their hands to shake, never hesitate to do so
  • You can put the hands of blind people on the back of the chair to assist them to seat properly

Hope these tips will show you the way to assist people with blindness and make their life more comfortable. 

As one of the leading non-profit organizations in India for blind and virtually impaired people, eNetra Foundation puts all effort to make blind and visually impaired people’s life more independent and wholesome. Join our mission to serve blind people by combining human effort and advanced assistive technology. 


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