Sight-saving Tips for Elders

Elder people are highly vulnerable to degenerative eye diseases and vision disorders. A survey has revealed that the possibility of acquiring such disorders increases by 20% for individuals after the age of 65. It is, therefore, imperative for senior citizens to remain alert for caring for their eyes and taking some precautions to protect their eyesight. 

As compared to visually impaired people, elders with normal eyesight need to pay more attention to the eye’s health. 

Let’s go through some of the top tips for aged people in this post. As a non-profit organization in India, we have seen many elder people who have lost their eyesight just because of negligence and lack of necessary precautions. We have made this list of helpful tips and preventive measures based on our experience. 

Five Beneficial Tips for Elders to Protect their Eyesight

Regular Eye Examination

Regular eye exams can effectively protect us from vision disorders. We can identify such disorders early and start treatment before it is too late. 

Adults over the age of 65 years should get an eye exam twice every year. Another benefit of regular eye examinations is doctors can suggest some important tips to maintain the health of the eyes and elders can get rid of any disorders easily. 

For example, they can get spectacles for weakening eyes and prevent further damage to their site. 

Maintenance of BP and Glucose Levels

Apart from cardio-vascular diseases and other systemic diseases like hypertension and diabetes can significantly increase the risk of sight loss. These diseases affect blood flow in the body and the eyes become weak because of it. Therefore, at old age, it is necessary to maintain the BP and glucose levels in the body. 

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Exercise for Eyes

Usually, we are not much aware of eye-specific exercises. Even while doing workouts and exercises regularly to keep our body fit and healthy, we tend to neglect our eyes. 

Specific eye exercises can reduce the risk of vision-related diseases by increasing blood flow in arteries. Elder people can save their sight with the help of these exercises. 

Quit Smoking and Other Habits

Smoking can increase the risk of cataract and degenerative eye disorders. It is responsible for age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and other diseases as well. 

Alcohol is also risky for maintaining eye health, and therefore, it is better to quit such habits as soon as possible. 

Eye-healthy Foods

A healthy diet consists of fruits, whole grains, and vegetables can benefit the entire body including our eyes. It is better to take a diet low in fat and rich in vitamin A in every age. Foods like carrots, mangoes, pumpkins, and oranges are also beneficial in maintaining the eye’s health by providing the necessary quantity of vitamin A. 

eNetra Foundation is a renowned and reputed NGO for visually impaired people. Our dedicated volunteers and generous donors are always ready to serve blind and visually impaired students, artisans, and persons with degenerative eve diseases. Strengthen our hands to give a wholesome life to blind people by combining assistive technology and human efforts. 

Sight-saving Tips for Elders-CTA

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