A Commitment To Enhancing The Lives of Visually Impaired

The eNetra Foundation is a manifestation of our vision  to transform the lives of visually impaired individuals with the help of technology so that they can live a wholesome and dignified life.  At eNetra Foundation, we strive to ensure that people with visually impairment are able to remain connected to the society and world at at large by bringing together assistive technology, a vast network of volunteers and a large group of generous donors. 

Our focus remains primarily on the betterment of three categories of our society that are capable of challenging visual disability with some assistance, support and motivation. 

  1. Scholarly Blind Students
  2. Visually Disabled people with extraordinary skill sets
  3. Degenerative Eye Disease Patients
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Improving Lives of the Visually impaired with Assistive Technology

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Become A Proud Volunteer

There are more than 5bn people in the world that struggle with visual impairment and we are always in need of volunteers would would like to reach out and help visually impaired people. If you are young, energetic, and keen harness the power of technology to enhance the lives of these people we look forward to seeing you as our force. Your dedication and charity work will remain a core strength of eNetra Foundation, a non-profit organization for visually impaired people. Together, let’s accept the challenge of transforming lives of blind people into independent and dignified ones.

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